prototype transmission line assembly

US ITER ready for high-power microwave transmission line fabrication after completing final design


After several years of design analysis, prototyping and strict attention to complex structural demands, the US ITER electron cyclotron heating line team completed a final design review of transmission lines for the microwave plasma heating system. The team is now preparing for initial fabrication contracts.  “Our thermal mechanical analysis at the system and component level […]

The KSTAR superconducting tokamak in Daejeon, South Korea before installation of the two shattered pellet injectors.

KSTAR joins an exclusive club: Tandem shattered pellet injectors now in testing for disruption mitigation


–Adriana Ghiozzi for US ITER First-of-a-kind experiments have begun at the KSTAR tokamak in Daejeon, South Korea, where two new shattered pellet injectors were installed in October and December. The tandem use of shattered pellet injectors installed at opposite sides of the machine is a first for the technology, which was developed and fabricated at […]

A 61,000 gallon drain tank, part of the US-provided tokamak cooling water system, is lifted into the tokamak complex for installation in the basement.

First US Components Installed in Tokamak Complex


Three drain tanks were the first  US-supplied components installed in the ITER tokamak complex this past weekend. Two more US-provided drain tanks will be installed later in the construction sequence. The drain tanks are part of the tokamak cooling water system, which will serve as the primary cooling system for the ITER machine. During operation, the […]

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