The United States is responsible for 14% of port-based diagnostic systems, including integration of four diagnostic port plugs, plus seven instrumentation systems out of a total of approximately 40 individual diagnostic systems. The European Union, Japan, the Russian Federation, China, Korea, and India are also contributing to ITER diagnostics.

ITER diagnostic systems provide measurements to aid understanding of plasma behavior and optimize fusion performance. Because of the harsh environment inside the tokamak vacuum vessel, these systems must cope with a range of conditions not previously encountered by diagnostic technology, all while performing with high reliability. US diagnostics will include microwave, laser, x-ray, and optical systems. The US will provide design, fabrication, assembly, and testing of US port plugs, specifically the Upper Ports (U11, U17) and Equatorial Ports (E3, E9), plus the Lower Port Structures (L8). In addition, the US will support the integration into these plugs of multiple diagnostics, including some from other domestic agencies.

The US will also be responsible for the following instrumentation systems: Upper IR/Visible Cameras, Low Field Side Reflectometer, Motional Stark Effect Polarimeter, Electron Cyclotron Emission Radiometer, Toroidal Interferometer/Polarimeter, Core Imaging X-ray Spectrometer, and Residual Gas Analyzer.

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