Tokamak Exhaust Processing System

The US is responsible for 100% of the final design, fabrication, assembly, testing, and shipment of the Tokamak Exhaust Processing (TEP) system. This effort is under way at Savannah River National Laboratory, in partnership with Los Alamos National Laboratory.

ITER will require the processing of an unprecedented rate of hydrogen isotopes. To facilitate environmental responsibility and economic application of fusion technology, the re-use of hydrogen isotopes is vital. The TEP system must separate the exhaust gases into a stream containing only hydrogen isotopes and a stream containing only non-hydrogen gases. The implementation of the TEP system will provide a technically mature, robust, and cost-effective separation solution.

The TEP system consists of a series of filters, catalysts, and permeators to separate the hydrogen isotopes, which are then sent to an isotope separation system (furnished by the European Union) to deliver deuterium and tritium for continuous re-injection into the reactor.

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