Third central solenoid module being lowered on to the stack

Third module joins the central solenoid stack


On April 11, 2024, the third central solenoid module was successfully lifted and positioned in the ITER assembly hall on top of the existing two-module stack. A 325-millimetre offset provides room for equipment and connection work to be completed before the module is placed in its final position, aligned on the central solenoid axis. The next […]

R&D engineer and pellet injection scientist Trey Gebhart of the Blanket and Fuel Cycle group in ORNL’s Fusion Energy Division with a pellet injection system testbed used for fusion R&D. The group leads the world in pellet injection R&D.

Perfecting the Pellet


A team of experts at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is taking aim at one of the biggest challenges facing the international ITER fusion facility: turning cold gas into wine-cork-sized, solid pellets to help keep ITER’s plasma in check.

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