Steady State Electrical Network

The US contributes 75% of the equipment required for the Steady State Electrical Network (SSEN), excluding cables and emergency power. The European Union contributes the remaining equipment and is also responsible for the design and installation of the system. The US completed its contributions to the SSEN in 2017.

The Steady State Electrical Network is an AC power substation and distribution system that supplies electrical power to all ITER conventional systems and facilities. A separate system delivers power to the pulsed systems, including the magnet and heating power supplies. The SSEN is rated at 120 MW and is similar to the auxiliary power distribution system in a nuclear fission power plant, except that it is about twice the size. The equipment to be contributed by the US is typical of a large AC power distribution system, consisting of transformers and switchgear at the high-voltage (400kV) and medium-voltage (22kV) levels.

The Steady State Electrical Network at the ITER site was first energized in 2017 and fully online in 2018.

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