Central solenoid module deliveries continue

Central Solenoid module being delivered Central Solenoid module being delivered

As of July 2023, three of the needed six central solenoid modules have been delivered to the ITER site. The next module will be delivered in the autumn.

The central solenoid will be assembled from six cylindrical modules stacked one on top of the other. Weighing 110 tonnes and standing 2 metres high, each module is massive in its own right. Eighteen metal blocks, each weighing 6 tonnes, will brace the composite magnet from the bottom (9 lower key blocks) and the top (9 upper key blocks). Interior and exterior vertical tie plates will connect the key blocks to form a cage around the central solenoid and compress the modules in operation, adding more than 110 tonnes to the assembly.

All of these components, plus the necessary assembly tooling, are provided by US ITER.

Once finalized, the ITER central solenoid will be placed at the very centr rof the Tokamak pit where the central column (a temporary assembly tool) presently stands.


Source: ITER Organization