Third central solenoid module on its way to ITER

Third central solenoid module on its way to ITER featured image

A 110-tonne central solenoid module manufactured by General Atomics (San Diego, California) is on its way to the ITER construction site in southern France. Six modules will be stacked to form the complete central solenoid magnet.

As part of its procurement commitments to ITER, the US Domestic Agency is supplying seven superconducting modules (including one spare), the elements of the central solenoid support cage (18 key blocks, 27 interior and exterior tie plates…), and the bespoke tools required for the assembly of the central solenoid magnet at ITER.

The component that is travelling now is the third of seven modules expected on site. The first, which arrived in September 2021, is currently on a bespoke platform in the Assembly Hall, where the ITER team is performing the requisite assembly steps that must be carried out before the second module is added. These include the creation of specialized electrical connections for the superconducting “leads” that deliver current to the central solenoid modules, as well as inspection and testing.