Disruption mitigation technology advances

CAD-model of an ITER vacuum vessel sector showing a set pf twelve injectors installed

Experts from the ITER Members met for two days in February 2023 at ITER Headquarters to share the latest technological developments in the design of the ITER disruption mitigation system.

ITER will install a disruption mitigation system to protect machine components against excessive heat loads and electromagnetic forces resulting from plasma disruptions, in which there is a sudden loss of stored thermal and magnetic energy. These disruptions occur on all tokamaks, and ITER is no different, except that its size and high plasma current mean that the stored energies are at least an order of magnitude larger than on present devices and must be properly mitigated when disruptions occur.

The ITER Organization has launched an extensive technology program to provide the necessary design validation and the development of novel concepts and components. This has led to worldwide collaborations with institutes and companies from the ITER Members and, thanks to the efforts of these collaborators over the last three years, the know-how and understanding of the complex processes involved in forming, launching, delivering and shattering pellets has seen a steep rise.

Full story: https://www.iter.org/newsline/-/3847