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Instrumentation & Controls

The US is responsible for providing instrumentation and controls (I&C) for the following seven US systems: Tokamak cooling water system, electron cyclotron transmission lines, ion cyclotron transmission lines, diagnostics, pellet injection, and vacuum auxiliary systems. The US does not provide I&C for magnet systems, the steady state electrical network, or for disruption mitigation.

For more information, contact Claudell Harvey, I& C Team Leader, US ITER Project Office, Oak Ridge National Laboratory | | 865-574-2138






The team involved in the development of radiation hardened electronics for US ITER includes (left to right): Frank Ivester, Shane Frank, Claudell Harvey, Nance Ericson and Kurt Vetter. Credit: ORNL

Tough Stuff: US ITER electronics will stand up to ITER’s extremes

A team at US ITER has been toughening up critical components of ITER’s vacuum system so they can withstand those harsh conditions.

Instrumentation and controls system scope for US ITER

Instrumentation and Controls Design Progresses for First Plasma

The I&C team has completed a number of design achievements in preparation of First Plasma deliveries, including: Ion Cyclotron Heating (RF Bldg.) I&C First Plasma Final Design Review (December 2017), Tokamak Cooling Water System I&C First Plasma Final Design Review (November 2017), Vacuum Auxiliary System (03) Conceptual Design Review (July 2017) and Roughing Pumps System I&C Conceptual Design Review (April 2017).