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Tokamak Cooling Water Systems - Vacuum Vessel Baking Heater and Drying System Electrical Heater

The scope of this solicitation includes heaters to be incorporated into the Vacuum Vessel (VV) Primary Heat Transfer System (PHTS) and into the Drying System (DYS). 

The VV PHTS provides cooling and baking services by supplying demineralized water to the main channels of the vacuum vessel, field joints, port extensions and port stub extension field joints at the lower ports, and the neutral beam port extensions. The VV PHTS is designed to provide the primary confinement for Activated Corrosion Products and tritium entrained in the cooling water outside the Vacuum Vessel and maintains leak tight integrity during all operating modes. Within this system, the VV PHTS Baking Heater is used during baking mode of operation (cleanup of non-hydrogenic impurities from the vacuum chamber by maintaining the VV baking temperature), during heat up the system to operating temperature and during standby mode if needed to maintain normal operating temperature at the inlet of VV components.

The DYS provides removal of water from the TCWS that cannot be gravity drained and gas baking of divertor cassettes. The DYS should be (a) capable to dry the in-vessel components of the client systems in preparation for periodic leak testing, maintenance or component replacement; (b) able to blow-out (where required) and dry Integrated Blanket/ELM/Divertor (IBED) PHTS and VV PHTS loops to meet operational requirements; (c) able to provide hot nitrogen for gas baking of the divertor cassettes; (d) capable to provide the primary confinement for small amounts of Activated Corrosion Products and tritium during drying operations. Within this system, the DYS Heater heats the nitrogen gas to the required temperature during heat up, dry out, and gas baking modes.

WBS: 1.2.1

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$ Estimate: >$1M

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Bethany Kalous

Last Updated: October 9, 2019 - 9:44 am