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Upcoming US ITER Procurements

Upcoming Procurements
Title WBS Projected RFP Date Projected Award Date $ Estimate POC
Tokamak Cooling Water Systems – Drain & Refill System: Safety Drain Tank Refilling/Transfer Pumps 1.2.1 <$1M Bethany Kalous
Tokamak Cooling Water Systems – Drain & Refill System: Waste Collection Tank Vacuum Pump 1.2.3 <$500K Bethany Kalous
Weldment Ion Pumps Integrator (Adaptors) 1.3.1 <$400k Kelli Kizer
Manufacturing of Module Support Pallets 1.1.1 <$500k Kelli Kizer
Tokamak Cooling Water Systems - Vacuum Vessel Chemical Injection Pump & Additive Tank 1.2.1 <$100K Bethany Kalous
VAS-02 Vacuum Weldments and Commercial Off the Shelf Items 1.3.1 <$250K Kelli Kizer
Electron Cyclotron Heating (ECH): Chilled Water System #3 1.5.2 >$1M Terri Cleveland
CODAC Software Engineering Support - BOA 1.9.3 >$1M Terri Cleveland
Electron Cyclotron Heating (ECH): 50 mm Corrugated Waveguide Fabrication 1.5.2 >$1M Terri Cleveland
Tokamak Cooling Water Systems – Drying System Blowout Compressor and Variable Frequency Drive 1.2.1 >$5M Bethany Kalous
Piezoelectric Pressure Transducer for Vacuum Systems Instrumentation and Controls <$3M Kelli Kizer
Cryoguard Vacuum System Phase I – Interface Frames & Pump Stations for I&C 1.3.1 <$11M Kelli Kizer

Last Updated: Friday, April 3, 2020 - 8:39 am