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Opportunities Overview

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Upcoming Events

ETEBA Business Opportunities and Technical Conference | Knoxville, TN | October 8-10, 2019 | website and registration

Past Events

ITER Business Forum | Washington, DC | September 10, 2019

Presentations now available:

Our Procurement Strategy

The US ITER Project Office (USIPO) conducts its tendering process for in-kind design and equipment contributions in accordance with US law and policy, our DOE Contract and the appropriate procurement arrangement with the ITER Organization. Most acquisitions are conducted as competitive, best value procurements, with evaluations based on technical and price factors. Awards are made to financially responsible, technically responsive and capable suppliers worldwide.

Typical technical factors for evaluation include the level of understanding and capability of meeting requirements, the supplier’s quality program, and past performance/previous experience. Suppliers must qualify for inclusion on the USIPO Approved Supplier List (ASL) as a condition of award.

Our Procurement Process

  • Interested vendors should express interest in upcoming US ITER Procurements through the contact (POC) on the Upcoming US ITER Procurements page.
  • Companies that express interest in a business opportunity are included on the source list and furnished with a solicitation package when it is released.
  • US small businesses may reach out to the ORNL Small Business Programs Office for additional resources:

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