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ITER Project ~75% Complete for First Plasma; Central Solenoid Module Deliveries Underway

Poloidal field coil #5 is transferred to the tokamak pit

The ITER Project is now ~75% complete for First Plasma. Poloidal field coil number 5 was transferred to the tokamak pit in September 2021. Photo: ITER Organization

June 17, 2021

In June 2021, the ITER  Council noted the significant project achievements since November 2020, including the continued delivery of some major components and progress in machine assembly. The project has maintained steady progress, with the delivery of components plus worksite installation and assembly activities. However, the effects of some technical challenges and the ongoing pandemic are being closely monitored. Important achievements include:

  • The first of ITER’s superconducting magnets, poloidal field coil #6, has been positioned in the tokamak pit, with one additional poloidal field coil completed and the others steadily progressing.
  • Seven toroidal field coils have now been delivered to the ITER site, with the eighth completed and ready for shipment.
  • The first module of the central solenoid is fully qualified and on the verge of delivery to the ITER site; the second module is en route.
  • Assembly of the first vacuum vessel sector sub-assembly has begun in the Assembly Hall, incorporating the associated toroidal field coils and thermal shield elements.
  • All cryostat elements have been delivered to the ITER site, and welding is beginning on the cryostat lid.
  • Manufacturing of the other key components is underway in the Members’ industrial enterprises.
  • Major progress has been achieved on plant systems for reactive power compensation, magnet power conversion, cryogenics, and cooling water, with multiple systems beginning or preparing for commissioning.
CS module 1 unloading in France
The first central solenoid module arrives in France and is prepared for final transport to the ITER site. Photo: US ITER


Source: ITER Organization

Last Updated: October 26, 2021 - 6:48 am